Monday, May 17, 2010

Feature film idea

I got this idea at work the other day.

Imagine a 40 year-old swim coach/ lifeguard who is still really into his job, Gary. He runs an outdoor pool somewhere down in the states, with a useless, young staff, only interested in doing the most minimal amount of work possible. Despite being a center of ridicule amongst his family and friends, Gary loves his job,and thinks it is the most important job in the world.
Suddenly, the pool patrons begin loosing their pulses unexpectedly. Now it's up to Gary and his CPR skills to save the day, while keeping it safe. Don't forget to bring a towel!

Writer of the week: chuck klosterman

Love this guy and everything he does. He's written for the New York times, the Believer, the Washington post, but he's most known for his books on american pop culture. I remember reading his book, "sex, drugs, and cocoa puffs", back in my first year of university. His rants about reality t.v. and the coporate machine really got to me.

Follow him on twitter, if you do that kind of shit. He's funny.